A Comprehensive Approach

Our Goal is to help you address your immediate COVID-19 product needs while offering access to the most promising response strategies and technologies being deployed around the world. For core PPE like  high quality masks, gloves, and other virus containment supplies at fair prices, then INDEXA VENTURES is for you. We’re your source for masks and other medical supplies that are catered to suit your specific needs. At INDEXA VENTURES, we work with you closely to understand you quality specifications and deliver the quantities you need in the shortest amount of time.  


KN95 Face Masks

The KN95 protective face masks by Indexa Ventures are fit for protective use by anyone and everyone. With certifications standards such as CE and FDA certification, these masks work efficiently to provide the highest level of safety. They also boast an efficacious 5-layer filtration system. The filtering efficiency of our KN95 masks is above 99% bacterial filtering efficiency. Let’s talk…


Nitrile Gloves

Protect your hand from contamination by any and all sorts of harmful substances and particles using the nitrile gloves. Using premium quality materials that will ensure the provision of nothing but the highest level of protection. Let’s talk…


Amazing Results

In response to THE COVID-19 Pandemic, We have refocused our full attention on supporting the World’s “COLLECTIVE ACTION” to address the crisis. Our strong and direct relationship with manufactures around the World facilitate our operations reducing costs by skipping the middle man that translate in a better price to our Clients.